Are you developing leaders?

That’s a big question. Is your organisation actively building the next leaders from the top down? Is the leader of your company someone who just delegates down, or do they actively lead one on one relationships with their staff to help them to grow into the next leaders, therefore adding real value to the organisation? The slide deck image above is loosely copied from a recent Patrick Bet-David Keynote “Driven 2018” which I will embed lower down. What Patrick speaks to is how we tend to focus on the sexy stuff in running companies. What is the next ad campaign we want to run? Something amazing that will go viral and everyone will think how clever or how brilliant it is.

Perhaps it is the “geeks” or analysts who want to put new systems in place to make our business run more smoothly, efficiently and allow the humans to do more important work. These systems are needed for sure and often are put in place to improve said efficiencies and reduce costs. That’s great. They are needed and certainly, there is a need and place for them.  

Then the next one, the sales and business development activities that bring in new business, revenue and creates long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships going forward. No business can survive without revenue, growth and relationships with partners, vendors and indeed customers. We forge these new relationships and they help the business grow. 

But finally, there is the question of leadership. Are you as a leader of your company developing leaders within? Teaching, growing and nurturing executives, managers and supervisors to grow into leaders and teachers themselves? In order for a business to grow significantly, it must be through more than just the activities of the first 3 slides. The actual human component of the company must grow as well. In some ways, this is even more important. Patrick makes a good point in his video that Apple is a 1 Trillion dollar company now, but there is no Steve Jobs. Is Apple successful because of Steven Jobs? Most likely yes, but not because of now, but what he developed when he was there. 

Great leaders of great companies, like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, create great leaders to replace them. It makes them successful and it surely makes the companies they leave behind prepared for success in the future. 

So are you developing leaders?  

See the full video of Patrick’s keynote below:

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