Was nice to be back in the new dojo tonight for a little weapons with Sensei Smith. #aikido #bermuda #aikikai

Almost time for Monday. But not quite yet! #rolex

Went to Botanical Gardens this morning with @sazanami_aikikai for a little Bokken work. Been a while. #aikido

A beautiful sunset falls in the east end of the island of Bermuda. #Sunsets

Nothing beats a weekend breakfast with @bermuda.bride in paradise. And she’s quite the chef as well!

At a presser along with the media and Minister @hurricaines #friday #media #presser

#Rolex #Daytona. It was two hours to the weekend.

Dinner time. #Friday

One of the most beautiful stores Bermuda ever saw: Petals.

A lot of wind in Bermuda ?? over 24 hours. This one broke free of its mooring. #windy

February 2018: Top 10 Bernews ‘Photo Of Day’ – Bernews

Have a look at my photos from February on Bernews Photo of the day. What’s your favorite for Feb 2018?...

#BAM on site for a little aerial mapping and photography for Aecon on Bermuda’s new airport build.

Full permission to fly the airport which is normally blocked from being enabled. Thanks @djiglobal for the assist in unlocking the...

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