Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak

Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic, saying the number of...

Come on honey. Grab the pups and let’s get some fresh air.

Staying home except for supplies. Thank goodness I can easily work from home. I find it easy to be at home. How are you making out?


A Complete Beginners Guide to Zoom (2020 UPDATE) Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Audio Enhancement for Zoom Krisp: How to Use Zoom Online Meetings – Setting up an account and hosting a...

We are keeping our social distance. Not because we want to because we need to.

Demo: Teams in the Classroom at Microsoft Inspire

Using Microsoft Teams and AI, Dr. David Kellermann, lecturer in the school of engineering at the University of New South...

Sometimes we have to just shake it off and go with it.

Online Lessons using Microsoft Teams for Remote Learning

This is how schools could be using technology right now. Saltus Grammar School has Office 365 but are not using...

We still need to get things done, but important to do so only when necessary and safely.

Sky News LIVE Reporting

SKY doing a great LIVE feed Today’s top stories: PM cancels daily news conference but will address nation later; total...

The Public Health (COVID-19) Regulations 2020

The Public Health (COVID-19) Regulations 2020  give powers to put in place restrictions and requirements on all travelers who have...

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