A small lone boat makes its way out of the Foot of the Lane, towards the setting sun.

The statue of Johnny Barnes adorned with poppies on Remembrance Day.

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.

A Royal BERMUDA Regiment soldier unfolds the Bermuda ?? flag, at the beginning of the reconvening of Parliament on Friday.

Never forget. And thank you. #RemembranceDay #ArmisticeDay100

Working on a little aerial mission today.

The sun burns the last of the day’s light across the sky on a calm Tuesday evening.

Happy Friday! May next week be even more fab than this one!!

Spanish Point Park, another great spot to wander around looking at and enjoying nature.

A beautiful calm morning looking down the harbor towards the city of Hamilton. Peaceful.

Hopefully you are using today to rest and recharge for the new week ahead. I know I am. Ready to kick it in to high gear and get things done!

Sundown at the Foot of the Lane on a calm fall evening. Always take the time to stop and take in the view, pause, breathe.

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