This dog is like a parrot on my shoulder. Pure trouble.

The interior of Gates Fort, St George, Bermuda.Located at the end of the Cut Road in St. George Bermuda, Gates Fort was built around 1612. It sits right on the edge of Town Cut, a channel that was created for ships to enter the St. George Harbor. Gates fort with its great vantage point overlooking the Town Cut, was built to stop any suspect or enemy boats to enter the St. George Harbor from the open sea. It was named after Thomas Gates, the Governor elect of Jamestown Virginia.

Out and about this morning supporting a shoot with @tompsterbda this shot taken under Gates Fort in the east end. Make sure you check his feed to see what he shot today. Hint: #aerial #drone

The Spirit of Bermuda, a training sloop, makes her way out through Town Cut and into the big blue sea, leaving the Island and St George in her wake.

A gorgeous location for a Bermuda wedding. One of the founders of @bermudaaerialmedia (Connor) gets married and the rest of the team are there to support him, wish him all the best and of course, get a little air. All the best Connor!!

A beautiful spotted eagle ray dances in the wake of an exiting tide out of Harrington Sound the other day. They effortlessly just glide in place while the water rushes out.

A typically stunning day in Flatts inlet earlier in the week.

Traveling down a quiet road, right in the middle of paradise.

Sometimes the path we are on seems very narrow and it has a very abrupt stop. Our choices may seem limited but sometimes the risk/reward is well worth our decision to jump right in. So go ahead and JUMP!

Today was a completely stunning day. Gathered many gorgeous photos and also managed to grab some aerial footage for our catalog. Just take a look at this water. So clear, so welcoming.

Driving through a bunch of punts… Riddles Bay

Peace on the water as the sun sets. A long exposure shot looking towards @grottobaybda on a stunning evening.

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