NOAA #Hurricane Hunter aircraft arrived in Bermuda Sep 7, in advance of research flights into #Florence

The beautiful City of Hamilton at dusk, with the lights of the evening just beginning to turn on.

As the Atlantic basin churns up with the approach of #Hurricane #Florence I expect to see the kitesurfers come out in full force over the next few days.

One of my favorite daily sayings to myself, said by a very special person to me: "Time to go be amazing." Get on with it! Have a great day all!

Summer fun is playing in the waves as a kid. Long live summer fun. As an adult, sometimes you get hit by the waves and have to pick yourself out of the sand!

I love to see these large Superyachts visiting our shores and harbors. They must love it as well. Look at this view!

A young Bermuda model, Skylar, visiting from her current home of Windsor, UK with mum and dad for a quick photoshoot last month.

The beautiful south shore, calm, clean, beautiful

Sometimes you have to take a break from shopping. A good couch is great to find!

One of many, many magical sunsets in Bermuda. So lucky to live where people vacation. Pure paradise.

Grey day, still beautiful. One of my favorite spots on the whole Island. Serenity now.

You can be small, but you don't have to be insignificant. Little can do big things.

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