Continuing with one of my summer themes; Bermuda tennis courts. These ones at Elbow Beach Tennis Club, part of the hotel.

The gorgeous Elbow Beach Hotel and Resort on a stunning August afternoon with @djiglobal

Feeling very grateful after what was quite a long week. A bit beat up and a little more weathered.

When your security camera goes off early on a Sunday and you wonder who is at the front door!

A little Sunday cruising in paradise.

Like Lego on the table, these containers sit on the docks. They really need to be straightened out!

Well hello there mr or ms dolphin! How nice to see you in Bermuda!

Lemon drop..

Buzz buzz little bee…

Not only do you need to stop and smell the flowers, but also grab a quick pic. Love this time of year.

A Bermudaful house on a beautiful day. Hope you have a great one

How do you know you are lucky and blessed? Easy. #Grateful

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