Saturday morning means football, (soccer) with son, loads of coffee and multiple screens in the house streaming multiple games. It also is a chance to do a little maintenance on the desktops in the house. Happy Saturday!!

Welcoming the weekend in. What plans do you have? Whatever they may be, make sure you take time to relax, regroup and recharge. Live, life, love. Happy weekend all.

Life is a journey. Sometimes we can have a good view into the future, but we never really know for sure what it holds. We can't quite see into the distance. Plans are made, life happens, you get knocked off balance for a bit. Surround yourself with great friends who listen, guide and support and then get back on towards a better you and a better life. Happy journeys.

Love seeing these beautiful Superyachts visiting our shores. Would love even more to have a look aboard. It is amazing the detail that goes into the building of them. Would not want the maintenance bill however! Happy Hump Day everyone!

A different kind of Baywatch.

Feeling a little cartoony. Happy Monday everyone!

The Bermuda Gombey tradition goes back to at least the 1800s when slaves in Bermuda would remain disguised while dancing in order to to protect themselves from being identified. Their dance is a blend of African, Native American, Caribbean and British cultures. Bermuda has a number of troops of Gombey as well. This is a building painted depicting a Gombey in full gear hitting the splits.

Father/daughter goals. Sneaky note left by my daughter in my notebook.

Just walking along, listening to the music in my headphones and feeling grateful. Another walk with reflection.

Just walking along, listening to the music in my headphones and feeling grateful. Another walk with reflection.

A beautiful view across the bay to Pomander Road while having dinner with special people on a lovely evening.

When #hurricanes are out at sea, they tend to send us uncommon waves which we normally do not get. Our small community of surfers get the rare chance to break their boards out of cobwebs and hit the south shore. Here is one such wave making its way into Horseshoe Bay.

Here's looking at you kid! Happy #HumpDay Wednesday is here. You only have HALF the week left to get the week's work done! How far along are you? It's time for the push to the weekend. Get your game on and get cracking!

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