Fallen leaves from the Poinciana tree near my place.

One of my favorite things to do when out shooting, is pull off the road and shoot old homes/buildings along the sides of roads hidden from the main traffic. Stone and wood builds that seem to stand the test of time in this harsh environment.

Stunning colors in Bermuda right now! Week of sun, week of rain, week of sun, a bit of rain and the flowers just pop!

A downward view of Poinciana trees blooming on Middle road by @bermudaaerialmedia

A little selfie before going out for lunch with @tompsterbda & @michaelwbranco at Pearl. Home of the sushi coma. #sushiboys

Out for my walk, but how about these amazing Poinciana trees? They are absolutely blooming all over the island. Incredibly beautiful.

The beautiful Royal Poinciana tree in full bloom that sits on the driveway in and out of my neighborhood. Gorgeous.

Father daughter goals. With @jtm_xo In my defense, she did ask.

The fabulous Tokio-M from @pierangelo14 #sushi #foodie

Focused. Sometimes you have to stop and think about what you really want and then plan how you are going to get there. Too often we just sort of move along through life and miss the opportunities that exist in the now. Always looking ahead we sometimes miss out. Be present. Be now. You can do it.

I love walking around the old town of St George, also known as the Olde Towne in years gone by. There is so much to look at in terms of architecture, beauty and history in this small place.

How about a walk on your own private beach? Why wait? We are only 90 minutes away from the US East Coast. Come and see us.

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