Sunday Funday. Boating day for sure. At the end of a 3 day weekend, Bermudians hit the water with their boats and for good reason! How did you spend your Sunday? @bermudaaerialmedia

Seon Place, at the edge of Hamilton, Bermuda.

Bougainvillea out in full bloom this morning. #flowers #summer

Beautiful palms against a deep blue sky as seen on my walk back from the Bermuda Day Parade yesterday

Threw the drone up in the air for a quick sunset shot to celebrate the end of Bermuda Day. What a great day it was. Be sure to check site for all the parade shots. This was the first time I’ve set the drone to manual settings to get a little more control over a shot. There was no wind so setting a slower shutter was possible. Thanks #djimavicpro @bermudaaerialmedia

OMG. The perfect meal. The striploin Pierangelo style. #foodie

Today is Bermuda day, the morning full of racing, running and cycling and the afternoon is the parade. All packed, charged and just about ready to head out for a long day and a lot of walking! #bermudaday2018

The waters around Bermuda have so many shades of blue due to the various depths of the water around the island and the many reefs that pop up all over. This image was just a random drone shot, not edited in any way, simply to demonstrate how amazing the shoreline really is.

This very cool display is from a window in St George at a store called “Churchill’s” operated by the very cool Alphonso who I used to work with many moons ago at what was the Marriott then, now Tucker’s Point Club. Churchill’s is one of a very few, if not the last cigar shop in Bermuda.

Waiting on @bermuda.bride to finish a wedding so we can dig in to dinner!

Looks like SUSHI. However, these are the remaining pylons from a long gone railway system that ran the length of Bermuda back in the day. Struck me that they looked like seaweed wrapped rolls. How about you? #Sushi

Tennis anyone? Do you think we should paint our courts with Bermuda colors? #nationalstadium @bermudaaerialmedia

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