Not only do you need to stop and smell the flowers, but also grab a quick pic. Love this time of year.

A Bermudaful house on a beautiful day. Hope you have a great one

How do you know you are lucky and blessed? Easy. #Grateful

Sean Place: This state-of-the-art, eco-friendly development offers 107,000 square feet of rentable space and panoramic views of Hamilton harbor and the Paget shoreline. The building is a landmark statement at the gateway to Hamilton and enforces Bermuda’s position as a major International Business Centre. Designed by Linberg & Simmons

New addition to the family. #rolex #yachtmaster2 Thanks to local AD @crissonjewellersbermuda @peter_crisson

A screen shot from a bit of video over Flatts Inlet yesterday. You can’t tell from this shot that the weather was less than perfect, but what a spectacular view this is. My favorite spot on the whole Island for sure. The Island has been hosting @shoprevolve for the past couple of weeks and the weather has not been as kind as it could have been. Hopefully the next two weeks will improve dramatically for them.

Every moment matters…make the most of each and every one.

Blue hour at St Paul's church.

Three herons in a tree.

What an amazing sight to wake up to.

Go on, just go ahead and jump! Visitors and locals alike love jumping off the rocks at Admiralty Park. Why wouldn’t they?

Bermuda’s favorite summer bird, the white-tailed Tropicbird or Bermuda Longtail (Phaethon lepturus catsbyii) soars over the azure seas of the south shore.

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