Waiting on @bermuda.bride to finish a wedding so we can dig in to dinner!

Looks like SUSHI. However, these are the remaining pylons from a long gone railway system that ran the length of Bermuda back in the day. Struck me that they looked like seaweed wrapped rolls. How about you? #Sushi

Tennis anyone? Do you think we should paint our courts with Bermuda colors? #nationalstadium @bermudaaerialmedia

Typical bad deal for the one guy, doing all the work. The other, holding the ladder. Holding being a term used rather loosely. However, a beautiful building getting a spruce up in St George's. What's your day looking like?

Hmm where to today? A little indoor work on the computer I think at @bermuda.bride

Don't forget to look behind you, just to ensure you don't miss anything!

“Chained to the Rock”We have a saying in Bermuda when you have not been off the Island in a while: It’s like being chained to the rock! Time for a trip perhaps?

Boating is floating on a literal bed of magic. Many in Bermuda spend their weekends on the water. I wonder why?

A little espresso to get through the afternoon!

Out shooting with these two this morning in the West end. @pierangelo14 and @tompsterbda

Out for a swim. A man swims up the mouth of Flatts Inlet, in Hamilton Parish on Sunday afternoon. He is actually in about 8 feet of water and it appears like he is swimming along the sandy bottom, the water is so clear. #swim #djimavicpro @bermudaaerialmedia

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. Just a simple palm leaf in the sun on my walk that either afternoon.

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