@tompsterbda lines up a shot on Harrington Sound. What a gorgeous day.

A beautiful Sunday in Flatt’s Inlet. There are so many ways to enjoy the weekend in Bermuda. A little fishing or boating perhaps? What is your favorite way to spend the weekend? All we know is it is better in Bermuda! #OutHere

The city of Hamilton and the Waterfront complex on a gorgeous Sunday. I think summer is just about here. So when are you coming? #DJI @bermudaaerialmedia

Roundabouts: The north roundabout at the bottom of Trimingham Hill as seen from directly above with @bermudaaerialmedia #djimavicpro

Visitors to the Island cross the smallest working drawbridge in the world at Somerset Bride, in Sandys.

Sometimes we need a little intensity, discipline and focus if we are going to get ahead. The main thing is to keep at it and never quit. #positivevibes #goals

Crossing bridges. We all come from different directions, but the main thing is to keep on moving. Never stop learning, improving and most importantly keep moving forward. #positivevibes

Evening wear preparation with the beautiful @bermuda.bride for an event in the West End last night. #shoeporn #shoesaddict #shoegasm with @renecaovilla how can you go wrong? Do shoes make the woman, or does the woman make the shoes?

A small heron takes command of the “T” dock at Flatt’s Inlet on a sunny May day. He allowed us to approach quite close, seemingly at ease and confident in his ability to take flight at any time.

Algae blooms over half of the Spittal Pond in mid May with @bermudaaerialmedia @tompsterbda

Bermuda homes are also built using limestone slates for roofing and they are the main method of catching pure rain water for drinking and washing. Almost all homes have water catchment systems or tanks under the homes for this purpose. As good and as safe as bottled water and in some cases more so.

Homes in Bermuda are not only pretty, but they are functional. Built of stone or concrete block, they are built to withstand hurricane force winds on a regular basis.

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