Bermuda’s famous Horseshoe Bay on a fabulous May day

Received my teaching certificate renewal last night at the dojo. #aikido #weapons #budo

There is a great deal to see when enjoying the waters in and around Bermuda. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself.

There is a really good reason we say: “Bermuda is another world.” This is how these visitors to the Island spent their Monday. How did you spend yours? Stuck in an office? Is there rain out the window or even still snow?

More often than not, getting the perfect shot requires more patience than skill. But when the results are what you were after, it is all worth it. Life is like that in both your personal and professional moments. No matter what, keep at it. The result will come.

Sometimes the best thing in the world to clear the mind is to hit the road and get some exercise in. Always feels better when you do.

Bermuda in the West End is spectacular on a sunny Tuesday in May with @bermudaaerialmedia

Absolutely fabulous sunset last night to end the weekend. How was your weekend?

Helping @sazanami_aikikai to fly. #aikido

Trouble on the mat. Back in the day when my back let me play. With @sazanami_aikikai @beyond_drishti

Dragged myself through today’s workout! But done and dusted.

Beautiful Bermuda architecture at the Waterfront complex in Hamilton.

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