Hey! It’s the weekend!! Who wants to go fishing?

What a beautiful destination to get married in, at sunrise at that. Wedding by @mybermudawedding with @bermuda.bride

Met the affable Alistair Morrison of @alistairmorrisonphotography this week. Alistair, a leading photographer with #Bermuda connections, is visiting the island to launch a new art piece featuring Bermudians.The acclaimed British photographer, who has close Bermuda connections, has photographed some of the most notable celebrities in the world such as Tom Cruise, Sir Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.He has exhibited in London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and New York, building a worldwide reputation, and has had 82 photographs displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

The Argo Gold Cup underway in Bermuda this week.

@bermudaaerialmedia Team on site to capture the latest progress for @aecongroupinc at #LFWade

Nice to come out of the house and see these beautiful flowers bursting out of the hedges. Gorgeous blue skies to start the day as well. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sunday situation. Happy days, amazing views. #sunday

An old wooden home on the side of the road in the west end of Bermuda. Beautiful in it’s weather beaten, time punished facade.

Do, or do not. There is no try. Happy 4th @starwars fans!! #starwars #fourth

Happy Birthday lunch to me! With @pierangelo14 and @tompsterbda

Well, it’s the 4th of May, my birthday and Star Wars day so here you go! #ObiWan John #StarWars #Birthday

This morning‘s office. Beautiful Bermuda sunrise wedding ceremony at Jobsons Cove with @bermuda.bride and @ambda

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