Light lunch.

A beautiful morning in Bermuda ??. The tree frogs are singing the kiskadees are chirping and the harbour is calm.

The wonderful sunsets over Hamilton. Hard to beat.

This beautiful Poinciana tree makes me smile every time I walk by.

My old workhorse. This thing has done a lot over the last few years. Old faithful and reliable still. Nikon D810. Beast.

Shihan Donovan Waite teaching morotodori ikyyo at the new dojo.

Shihan Donovan Waite supervises kokyu exercises.

Bermuda Aikikai Grand Opening Seminar with Shihan Donovan Waite.

Bliss on a plate. Crudo and filet

Classic & Glamorous. Boating goals. Elegance on the water. ? ?@jcraftboats 42ft Torpedo #GentlemanModern #Vintage #chriscraft #chriscraftboats #design #Elegance #60s #Boat #Gentleman

A lone fishing vessel sits seemingly on the edge of the earth on the horizon with dramatic skies above and the luminous sea below.

There is something really quite unique about our waters around Bermuda. It is absolutely chucking it down in the distance, clouds overhead and yet the water of the north shore is still glowing. Crazy beautiful.

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