Bermuda blue sky and white limestone roof. Did you know that we catch rain water on our roof and store it under the house in concrete tanks for drinking and washing? Yup indeed.

Late afternoon Bermuda when it was a different world.

Is it that time yet?

I’m going to need more gel to keep this mop in place! Getting untidy.

In my opinion, the pinkest sand in Bermuda is found at Warwick Long Bay.

I don’t know about you, but I am really missing the F1 season.

Gorgeous view of at Tucker’s Town beach.

Throwback to a beautiful field of Lilis.

So great to be able to get out and enjoy the scenery!

Just a beautiful night in paradise.

Happy Friday! Just to let you know what day it is!

A fabulous dinner last night sent to us via @thelorenbermuda It was absolutely amazing. And the view was not bad either. Featuring a fresh garden salad, tuna sushi poke bowl and fresh fish.

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