Happy Wednesday evening. Half way through the week. This seems like it has been a super long week for me. How about you?

Where is the horizon? As everyone knows, one of my favourite spots on the island, Flatts Inlet.

Remember when? An event by @Bermuda.Bride at The Loren as seen from the water last summer.

Good night darling. Sleep well. Tomorrow is another day.

When your hair gets to the pony a hat is needed to leave the house.

Is this the new face of architecture in Hamilton? I kind of like it. What’s your view?

A typical afternoon at the north roundabout at the Foot Of The Lane, cars, boats & shadows, close to rush hour.

Looking down over Warwick Long Bay where there is some of the most pink sand you’ll ever see.

Good Friday, 2019. Fun day on the water for these guys, down at Elbow Beach.

Tennis anyone?

One of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Flatts.

When you like watches…

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