A sailing dingy lays peacefully in the calm water at the Foot of the Lane while a palm frond breaks the tranquility of the image. Kind of like art imitating life.

About last night. Beautiful sunset. Calm peaceful water.

Good morning world! My happy place with @nikki.begg and the pups.

A little Sunday selfie. Doing a little laundry, computer maintenance and some project updates getting ready for the coming week. Holiday tomorrow so MIGHT even take some time off! Happy Sunday everyone.

Scenes of Spain

A lone punt traverses the gap down at the Foot of the Lane at dusk.

Friday drive home.

BA2233 LGW-BDA. Home.

My Lounge at Gatwick. 3 hour wait for BA flight home.

Sunrise at Madrid Airport.

Only had a brief visit downtown Madrid yesterday. Beautiful city

Early morning ride to Madrid airport. Heading home.

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