This is actually a very beautiful city. So glad I was able to see it.

A quick run around the city capturing images as fast as possible.

Last day as a lab monkey.

One of the windows on the stairs at the hotel.

After yet another very long day, I find it very relaxing to capture photos of quiet yet beautifully lit architecture. I did not realize before coming here that Zaragoza is the fifth largest city in Spain.

I am so impressed with this new phone camera. This church was completely unlit and actually in the dark. The lamps lower down really did not illuminate the church at all but this camera in the phone actually makes it look like it was well lit. Pretty good technology.

The doctor is in. While at the factory we are out doing some testing we have to wear antistatic clothing. Kind of makes us look like doctors or at the very least geeks. Halfway through the week we have made a huge dent in our testing. Ahead of schedule and looking forward to getting back home. Need sleep and much less food!

Displaying a little Bermuda in Zaragoza office.

Managed to bust out a workout. Needed to after a five course lunch! I think the Spanish may have it right!

Day 1 at the factory. Lab coat? Check.

Keeping a lookout.

Victor is our host (and my project manager counterpart at PowerTrunk) while we are in Spain at the Teltronic factory and it turns out he is a pretty amazing tour guide and historian!

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