A typically stunning day in Flatts inlet earlier in the week.

Traveling down a quiet road, right in the middle of paradise.

Sometimes the path we are on seems very narrow and it has a very abrupt stop. Our choices may seem limited but sometimes the risk/reward is well worth our decision to jump right in. So go ahead and JUMP!

Today was a completely stunning day. Gathered many gorgeous photos and also managed to grab some aerial footage for our catalog. Just take a look at this water. So clear, so welcoming.

Driving through a bunch of punts… Riddles Bay

Peace on the water as the sun sets. A long exposure shot looking towards @grottobaybda on a stunning evening.

I am really impressed with the quality of the images that come straight out of the iPhone XS Max.

Nothing quite like watching the sun slide down behind the clouds, to sleep for another night in paradise…

By far and away, the Apple Watch 4 is the best yet.

Aikido Weapons practice at #Bermuda Aikikai on Wednesday nights. Weapons, especially the bokken (wooden practice sword) is the foundation of all Aikido as taught by O’Sensei, through Chiba Shihan and passed down to our own Smith Shihan in Bermuda. We do our best to keep the essence of the art going without diluting the specifics and pass on to the next generation.

Happy James Bond day everyone. @007 #JamesBond

Don’t forget to take a little time out of each day for your health. A little workout, or a crazy one, does a body good, not to mention it is good for the head as well. Throw the headphones on, turn the music up and get on with it! Happy #Friday all!

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