Flowers of St George.

Shadow over the sea. Yes, Bermuda’s waters are this color. Simply beautiful.

Friday goals….? ?? ?Twin Lamborghini V12s Produce Over 650 Horsepower In The Fastest Riva Aquarama Ever Built.? ?? ?The Aquarama was Riva’s crowning glory after a decade of glamour and sophistication. The name came from its wraparound windscreen, reminiscent of the then-new and cutting edge Cinerama theatrical experience.? ?? ?A craft consisting of sleek lines and geologic amounts of varnish, the Aquarama was the aristocratic playboy of European and American waterways, transporting film stars and others seeking a special boating experience up and down the coasts, canals, and shores that were still sighing breaths of relief after a long and immense war. The end of rationing was in sight. The 1960s had arrived.

It’s so nice to see the Longtail back in Bermuda showing summer the way back to the Island.

I thought I’d try something a little different for my Photo Of The Day post. Follow me daily on @bernews? ?=======? ?? ?Flatt’s fishing. But who is watching who? #Bermuda #Bermudian #Bernews #ForeverBermuda #BermudaBridges #Bridges #BermudaBays #Bays #BermudaFishing #Fishing #BermudaWaters

Pretty perfect end to an amazing Monday. Always be grateful. Always go be amazing.

Morning outfit then afternoon then late afternoon. I feel like a schizophrenic! Is this a manic Monday? Lol!

What a great day today. And to end it, a beautiful sunset.

It was a beautiful afternoon to bust out an hour walk on the beach ?

Working Title performing @lido_complex last night and tonight, Saturday is the first night of @thebigchillbermuda Come on down and enjoy the live music, great food and a fantastic night of dancing!? ?.? ?.? ?.? ?.? ?.? ?.? ? #travel #traveling #socialenvy #vacation #instatravel #instago #instagood #trip #entertainment #music #food #foodie #dancing

Stormy scene at Cooper’s Island. Very moody light was a somewhat surreal scene.

Quiet productive day doing editing and some video work as the weather was not so great this am. Stayed inside and took breaks playing with the dogs.

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