A little seaweed on the sand. Over the last few days because of the direction of the wind Bermuda‘s beaches are full of seaweed. Not something that we generally see a lot of. Here’s a low shot of a single piece on the beach at Elbow Beach

I had to wait for a calm sunny day to make this a safe shot and yesterday while cloudy in the morning, didn’t disappoint in the afternoon. The flowers in this roundabout are so beautifully dense and they actually smell so good! Happy Tuesday everyone!! ????#repost @bernews??__________________????A downward view of the north roundabout, full of spring flowers #Bermuda #Bermudian #Bernews #ForeverBermuda #BermudaAerial #Aerial #BermudaFlowers #Flowers #SpringFlowers #RoundAbout

Sundown over Hamilton Harbour a time lapse journey of the sun ?

It’s just a great way to end the workday by taking a walk on the beach. Upper middle Beach if you have the choice.

The moon was still up to greet us this morning as we began our day.

Don’t like the weather? Hang on a minute.

Weather was a little overcast to start the week.

A fun little clip from Good Friday in Bermuda. Kite flying, Bermuda style!

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A beautiful sunset to wrap up a lovely Easter weekend. Here’s to a fab week ahead for all of you.

Someone play with me!

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Someone is waiting for mummy to get home.

The Bermuda ?? flag flies in a windy sky on Easter Sunday and our Queen’s 93rd birthday

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