Well I was down at Elbow Beach and was trying to go live on Instagram but it was a big fail because of a lack of good data signal. Anyway beautiful day here for good Friday in Bermuda wish you were here.

Allergies are kicking my butt today! Arghhh.

A little behind the scenes aerial. Working at getting it right. A few takes is all we need when the weather is good, the wind is low and you have amazing places to shoot! Love working for our clients and the end results show.

This remarkable photo was taken at an amazing property in Bermuda. This house has ITS OWN crystal caves! Can’t wait to share the rest of the property with you!

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What’s for dinner ?? Wish it was this! Salmon sashimi and Rainbow roll.

Oh just another amazing condo, this one we’ll be capturing soon for @regobermy

Can’t wait to reveal this property we shot yesterday. This aerial originally shot by @tomcoelho_0832 of the @bermudaaerialmedia team for Ben of @RegoBermy

A little behind the scenes from yesterday with @regobermy photo by: @tomcoelho_0832 on his #LeicaQ2

Today’s mission: acquire ground footage of a new Grape Bay listing for @regobermy

Been a long day baby #emptytank

Slowly making my way home after the Leamington house shoot.

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