Waste not, want not. What would you do?

One room down. One to go!

Long day today. Busted this morning and a looong way to go.

jmandersonbm Prep for a full day of shooting tomorrow. Morning shoot @elbowbeach and afternoon with @regobermy and @tomcoelho_0832 for some new amazing properties. Stay tuned!!

We were here this month, 2 years ago at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Hoping that repairs can be made as this is such an important historical treasure for France.

Mickeys is open for dinner tonight!!

Stack ‘em up. Just like Lego, but could you tidy them up a bit?

Just a reminder that Palm Sunday was yesterday.

Good night world. Monday tomorrow. Early to bed early to rise!

Beautiful flowers and the UK flag seen on today’s walk through town. A little slow today with a sore back. Sneezing is dangerous over 50!

What a goal @mosalah!! Well done #lfc!!!!

It's taken far too long to out this mad boy together. Works great!

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