Repost from @bermuda.aikikai using @RepostRegramApp – The Basics. Fundamentals. We often try to progress to the fancy stuff, but the basics are the foundation of everything we build on. Here John and Chris show timing, space and movement. #aikido #basics #training #aikido_techiniques #martialArts #moriheiueshiba #osensei #bermudaaikikai #aikikaiaikido #sunset #bermuda #usaf

Eugene demonstrates kaiten nage on Ben during Monday nights adult class

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Steven Decouto takes to Horseshoe Bay for a great kitesurfing day on Sunday.

Another shot of the full moon rising yesterday afternoon.

Full moon rising over Hamilton this afternoon.

Martial Arts In The Boardroom

  Martial Arts in the boardroom? For real? What are you on about? Yes, stay with me. It is not...

It certainly was a gorgeous morning. Hoping you had a great day!

Repost from @bermuda.aikikai using @RepostRegramApp – Monday night we worked on some basics with timing, movement and angles. Here John and Chris work on some transitions as well.

Happy to be back in the dojo.

Today’s office view. There was rain this morning but you would not know it now!

Black belt students have a play at the end of class last night @bermuda.aikikai

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Sometimes you just need a little walk outdoors to clear the head.

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