5G Explained – How 5G Works

5G Explained - How 5G Works What is 5G? What will 5G enable? When will 5G be ready? What will be the first applications for 5G? What will 5G devices offer? When will 5G devices be available? How does 5G work? 5G working with 4G How does 5G deliver continuous connection, greater capacity, and faster [...]

Minister: New Public Safety Radio System

Minister: New Public Safety Radio System

Here's our latest update on one of our current projects. We are actually the lead Project Managers for this project. We've built the backhaul network and helped handle all of the networking, design and implementation. Minister: New Public Safety Radio System February 29, 2020 | 0 Comments “This new radio platform will enable public safety [...]

How Wireless Works

How Wireless Works

In the blink of an eye, your wireless device can send a text, order takeout, or adjust the temperature in...

#BAM on site for a little aerial mapping and photography for Aecon on Bermuda’s new airport build.

Full permission to fly the airport which is normally blocked from being enabled. Thanks @djiglobal for the assist in unlocking the...

Out-of-the-Box Router Tips: 4 Changes to Make on Your New Router

ByBrian Westover| February 3, 2018 11:00 am     Once you have your new router set up, and have updated...

How Fast Is a Wi-Fi Network?

IEEE 802.11 network standards determine theoretical speeds by Bradley Mitchell From: Internet & Network Updated January 12, 2018 The speed of...