Delivering Service As Opposed To Just Advertising It.

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What happened to service providers in the Cellular space delivering quality service? All I see on the television nowadays is carriers spending money trying to convince themselves, how good they are. Convince yourselves all you want, but having worked for a carrier who did amazingly well taking a good 2/3 of the corporate customer base in it’s home market was no easy feat, but advertising had nothing to do with it. Delivering on what the customer wanted was it. 100 %.

We were new on the scene, the start up. The young bucks. We did not know what we were doing. At least that was the common consensus back in the day, the year 2001. We picked a technology that was different at the time to everyone else in our market. Why? Easy. We looked at EVERYONE around the world and looked at what they were doing and more importantly why. That technology choice at the time was GSM. And with approximately 500 carriers world wide doing the same, how could we have been wrong? Well suffice it to say we were right.

I remember trying to convince my management at the company I was at previously. They could not see the future such as it was. It was more than obvious to me. How could 500 carriers, more growing every day (over 800 now) be wrong? They could take their mobile phone from their home market, cross the border into another country in Europe and not drop the call. They could get on a plane in Gatwick and get off in Sidney hours later and call home using the same phone they used at home? How could this be? We could not go beyond the US with analog service or the “latest” digital TDMA offerings from the other market competitors. No, not Canada and forget UK, Europe and the rest of the world, are you kidding?

I digress. All that is to say at the end of the day, the consumers in the wireless market asked us for a couple of things, and we delivered those.

  1. Allow me to make, receive and stay on a phone call as long as I wish to.
  2. Make that call clear and static free
  3. Allow me to surf the web while I am on a call.
  4. Give me value  for my money
  5. Don’t force me on a contract. Allow me to leave you if you don’t perform as my provider
  6. Don’t lock phones to your network. See above. I’ll pay full price for a phone and get it where I want. (It might still be you)
  7. Let me know if I am on the right plan or not, and proactively recommend that I move to a new one to save me money.
  8. Allow me to Roam where I wish in the world, but please continue to explain to me that it is still expensive (maybe recommend some options how to keep these costs down)
  9. Put customer service above all else.
  10. See number 1.

This is what made us successful back then up until we were bought out by a larger carrier. They proceeded to undo all the things we had in place because “That’s just how they do business.”  Well that carrier is no more. I see the same thing today happening. Look back to the list above. These are no longer the things actually being delivered. Oh yes, they ARE being advertised, but it’s kind of like an abusive relationship where someone beats their partner and follows it up with “I love you.”

Actions speak louder than words. My words are generally cut off nowadays. Especially when I am on a call.

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