Google buys DocVerse

Google’s shopping spree continues. This time they’ve picked up a company called DocVerse, whose software will eventually allow seamless interoperability between Google Docs and Microsoft Office. That’s right, Microsoft… the call is coming from inside the house.

You can already store and share Office files through Google Docs, but DocVerse adds the functionality of letting users collaborate directly on Office documents. As the crowing Google Blog puts it:

DocVerse is a small, nimble team of talented developers who share our vision, and they’ve enabled true collaboration right within Microsoft Office. With DocVerse, people can begin to experience some of the benefits of web-based collaboration using the traditional Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint desktop applications.

Current DocVerse users won’t be affected, but you won’t be able to sign up for a new account until Google figures out exactly how they’re going to incorporate the company. Of course, Microsoft was moving Office to the cloud on their own anyway; it’s just that it’ll be a bit more crowded there than they’d thought. It’s official, though: even productivity software is a battleground now. [Google Blog via TechCrunch]

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