Loads of new BB Icons for Blackberry Messenger



Cruising the forums I came across this thread with a request for pig emoticon. I obviously had no idea there was one, but just a few replies into the thread, it turns out there are a load of hidden emoticons deep inside BlackBerry Messenger. I’m still not sure where they came from or how exactly they were discovered, but they are definitely loads of fun. Among the list is a pig, cheesburger, dog, cat, sports stuff and tons more. To get the new set, you’ll have to copy the text from the thread an post to BlackBerry Messenger using AutoText (check out our Mini-101 on how to get symbols into BlackBerry Messenger). Now I couldn’t personally get these to show up on my 9700 (running OS but I’ve tested with a few others and it seems like most devices aren’t having any issues. Leave a comment and let us know if they work for you. Jump into the forums to get in on the fun!

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