Local Production Crew LookBermuda in PBS Deal!

PBS signs on to Mary-Celestia Civil War Wine Film!


Cograts to J-P and the LookBermuda Team! Great news from PBS!

Public Broadcasting Service

Public Broadcasting Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SCETV the PBS station in South Carolina is offering to partner with LookBermuda to co-produce our Mary-Celestia Civil War Shipwreck Wine film for National Broadcast!

This is absolutely the best case scenario for distribution, as this will ensure that it is broadcast by all PBS stations nationwide as a special in primetime and will include a coordinated marketing and PR campaign to support it.
Their audience is virtually the exact demographic that Bermuda is trying to attract and the topic fits perfectly with everything that we are trying promote about the island, a perfect combination.
As part of this process they are bringing on one of their top screen writers from the “American Experience” series to ensure that it has a wide appeal throughout the US.
There is still much work to be done  including getting the local side of the funding in place, but now we are able to say for sure where it will be broadcast which is usually the hardest part.
The fact that they are signing on this early and are wanting to be actively involved is a huge vote of confidence!
There will be official announcements shortly but I wanted to give you advance notice.
Thank you for your support!
The PBS teaser can be seen here: http://www.mary-celestia.com and is embedded below.

About LookBermuda and LookTV

LookBermuda is full service multimedia company.

We leverage all of the latest technologies to create High Definition video, Digital Photographs, Interactive Maps, Motion Timelapses, Gigapixel Photographs, Virtual Tours and Panoramas.

We specialize in creating Environmental, Educational and Tourism focused content and media assets.

We have recently formed the “LookBermuda Educational Media Foundation” to support the creation, archiving and distribution of curriculum enhancing media. More details can be found under the Education tab on the LookBermuda site.

LookTV is broadcast in Bermuda, 24 hours a day, on CableVision channel 001.

It has 90% market penetration reaching all homes, hotels and guest rooms with cable (CableVision) access.

Additionally it has exclusivity in resorts including the Fairmont Southampton and the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, where it is the only local Visitor or Business information channel permitted. This gives it double the market penetration of any other visitor or business channel.

All of it’s programming is produced by LookBermuda covering a wide range of topics including environmental, cultural and historical short films along with reviews and tours of activities, restaurants and attractions.

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