Mobile Firefox Shows Up On Android

logo-mozilla-fennec-2009-03The eagerly anticipated mobile browser from Firefox, Fennec, has shown another bit of leg this weekend. A picture of the browser in operation on an Android Nexus One has set salivary glands working around the world.

What’s this now?

The Mozilla Foundation is the non-profit organisation that runs Firefox – the most widely downloaded on-line browser in the world. Fennec is the mobile version of Firefox that the Mozilla Foundation is preparing for smaller devices – not just mobile phones, but also PDAs and other mobile computers.

Although it should be noted that it has been preparing Fennec for a long time now, and some of us would actually quite like to see it get released some time soon, please.

Fennec on Nexus One:

The Firefox for Mobile facebook group posted these images over the weekend:

Fennec on Nexus One

Fennec on Nexus One

Fennec on Droid

Fennec on Droid

They show Fennec running on the two most advanced Android devices currently available: the Droid and the Nexus One.

What we think?

Yay, more teasing! I’m a huge fan of Firefox on both my Mac and my PC, and I’ve been using it for years. It has an unparalleled community of developers who create great apps and add-ons for the browser – which would be a fantastic boost for the mobile version. I appreciate that the Mozilla Foundation is taking its time with this, and making sure it’s perfect. But come on, already.

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