Skyfire Browser Is Coming to Android


Skyfire makes one of the best browsers for Windows Mobile, a fully Flash compatible app that draws on Skyfire’s server-side compression to make browsing bearable on slower connections. Today, they’ve announced that they’ve gobbled up kolbysoft, the company that makes alternative Android browser Steel. Sounds promising, right? Skyfire’s CEO feels the same way:

By adding kolbysoft’s talent to Skyfire, we’ll be able to fuse the best of Skyfire’s famed cloud-computing multimedia capabilities with the Webkit browser movement to create a better hybrid model for Android. Steel has been the most acclaimed browser in the Android Marketplace, adding features atop Webkit. Together, we’ll be able to do so much more.

So Skyfire is coming to Android, albeit running atop the WebKit rendering engine, like Google’s default browser. No release date or further software details have been announced yet, but this is fantastic news for a platform that could use some fresh browser blood. [Skyfire]

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