Social Media Management

Managing The Madness That Is SoMe


If you have a business, work in a business or are thinking about starting one, the irrefutable fact nowadays is that SoMe (Social Media) is a given. You have to be in the game, or the customers you have, or those that you are seeking simply won’t see any of your messages that you are trying to send out via traditional methods. Old methods like the local news papers or TV. Marketing your message to existing and future customers these days have changed. They are on different platforms than the days of old. They are on computers, they are on mobile devices. They are also in control of what they do want to see, and do not want to see.

How Can We Help?

We’ve been at this a while to say the least and some of our clients are pretty impressive in the local Bermuda space as well. Here’s a couple of our clients:

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Engagement & Sales


Far too many companies use social media ineffectively. They post pictures. They post text. They post links. But does it engage their customers and lead to sales? Is there a defined call to action? Is there any real strategy? Most of the time no. You need to have defined plans, strategy and measureable results to see if the campaigns are actually working to drive new sales and new revenues, not just add subscriber/follower counts.

We will help you. We are results driven.

What Can We Provide?

We can work with your team to assist them, or we can do it all.

  • Artwork & Design to work with and complement your brand
  • Photography & Imaging: Custom and exclusive for your use only
  • Organize Events: We can produce events to launch your brand and messaging
  • Manage each campaign and produce measureable results and reports.
  • Automate processes and tools
  • Provide tools to assist the overall process and management.

Contact us directly to get started today.