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Who we are and what we believe in

Wireless Ventures Ltd has been in business since October 2003 providing consultancy services to Telecommunications Carriers, Law Firms, Banking & Finance and medium to large Enterprises. We have customers in Bermuda, US, UK, Europe, Caribbean and even as far as Guam.

Our focus is to add value by showing our clients ways to find new revenue and the means to reduce existing costs by retraining staff, adding or modifying technology and tools and help them to listen to their customers.

We look at the business with a fresh set of eyes and help the business to do the same. We provide fresh ideas that return the best results and constantly stay in touch to monitor the recommendations and implementations of our work.

We take a long term view of all our relationships with our customers and help them to do the same with theirs.

We are very experienced in using technology and our experience to help make your company stronger, your reach greater and your return on investment and effort measurable.

We have great strength in new tools to increase your brand recognition and actual calls to action using traditional marketing methods as well as the  Social Media platforms available today.

We help you get where you want to be. Contact us now to get moving forward. Contact Us

Executive Team

H John B Manderson
President & Principal Consultant.

H John B Manderson – President

John Manderson has spent the last 25 years in the Telecommunications and IT industry providing executive and strategic support to many telecommunications carriers both on the Island and overseas in countries such as USA, Canada, UK, 14 countries for Cable & Wireless in the Caribbean and Guam.

For the last 13 years he has headed up Wireless Ventures Ltd in Bermuda as its President and CIO providing consulting services to every Telecommunication provider on the island of Bermuda & International Telecommunications Market under the Wireless Ventures Brand.





John has accomplished a number of firsts in the Bermuda Marketplace alone:

  • Introduced ATM to Bermuda while at BTC
  • Worked closely with IBL (One Communications) to introduce the internet to Bermuda
  • Introduced digital cellular to Bermuda
  • Introduced GSM to Bermuda
  • Introduced GPRS/EDGE/3G to Bermuda
  • Introduced the Blackberry via AT&T to Bermuda
  • Introduced the iPhone to Bermuda via M3 Wireless
  • Introduced International Roaming to Bermuda (180 countries)
  • Introduced Advantage 360 BSS/OSS to M3 Wireless, Digicel, CellOne and TBI.
  • Implemented BSS/OSS for M3, Digicel and TBI
  • Country support for Advantage 360 BSS/OSS Platform.
  • Wrote the future business strategy and technology strategy for M3 Wireless
  • Wrote many tech and IT articles for European CEO magazine from 2004-date
  • Sat on the ENUM Group
  • Member GSM Association
  • Member UMTS Forum
  • Member WiMax Forum
  • Member LTE Forum
  • Member 5G Forum


John Manderson

John Manderson

He has managed the complete outsourcing of multiple carrier’s International Roaming Businesses, of note for M3 Wireless increasing their footprint of outbound destinations to over 280 on both 2G and 3G networks overseas while delivering new revenues and increased margins in a tightly competitive market. M3 most recently merged with Cellular One in Bermuda to become CellOne and John managed & directed the transition of the Roaming Unit to CellOne and parent ATNI.


John has implemented multiple complete Telecommunications Management (billing, OSS, and CRM) solutions to including Digicel Bermuda,  M3 Wireless (Wireless carrier) and TeleBermuda International (Long distance), and developed the first virtual prepay system on the Island to not require top up cards to recharge service.


In addition for M3 Wireless he provided consultancy and project management for the complete rollout of the NextNet Broadband wireless network called EasyConnect, the first of its kind in Bermuda to offer speeds over up to 2mb and beyond via wireless.


He spent a year working in Texas providing consultancy and business direction to a large wireless and internet service provider along with restructuring their billing and IT environment. He continues to provide support to many carriers for Billing, OSS and critical system maintenance along with strategic direction and management advice.


Prior to WIRELESS VENTURES  he was Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and IT for AT&T Wireless (Bermuda) after AT&T Wireless International purchased 60% of the first GSM wireless company Telecom Bermuda Ltd. John was part of the executive management that introduced GSM to the Island.


While at AT&T Wireless, he was responsible for the overall management of Sales, Customer Service (including Retail), Marketing, Roaming and the Information Systems of the Company. He was also involved in leading the implementation, management and controls of the billing OSS/BSS environment.


He came to Telecom Bermuda Ltd to assist with the launching of Bermuda’s first GSM (Global System for Mobile) network. Prior to this Bermudians were only able to roam to a couple of cities in the US and Canada. Within one year from launch he had achieved over 120 roaming agreements in 60 countries around the globe with only two resources.


John also introduced GPRS and then EDGE and the Blackberry to Bermuda before starting his own Company Wireless Ventures Ltd. in 2003. Since then he has introduced both the iPhone and iPad devices to wireless carriers on the island as well as Google’s new Android devices.


Prior to this he was Project Prime for many data driven products at the Bermuda Telephone Company, working for now President and CEO Francis Mussenden. John developed and launched Bermuda’s first Internet Call Waiting application as well as working on many other data products such as ATM, Frame Relay and ADSL. He also was project lead on a 18  month Billing and OSS replacement project  to migrate many disparate and unconnected systems to a single system to improve service delivery and profitability for BTC. This project required the interfacing with every functional area within the Bermuda Telephone company from sales, through finance, outside plant, installers, call centre and network operations.


John is also writes technology articles for 2 Telecommunications Industry magazines and is a member of many industry organizations including the GSMA, Wifi,  UMTS, LTE, 4G & 5G forums among others.


John is an avid photographer, with images appearing in local Bermuda art shows as well as featuring in local media web site Bernews.com and as far as New York city in Times Square and the Louvre in Paris.


John is a student of the martial arts, and currently holds the rank of San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) and Fukoshidion (instructor) of both adults and the kids program.


John has served his country in the Bermuda Regiment, extending his training beyond the required 3 years, was a Recce Team Member and has undergone training at Royal Military College Sandhurst in the UK.



John is a Bermudian with UK passport, Canadian citizenship and has a daughter Jessica and son Steven.


John also holds Commercial Pilot’s Licenses in both Marine Pilot Class A & B and also holds one of the first SUA Unmanned Aerial Pilots licenses achieved in Bermuda.