Android mobile device from HTC and Vodafone delayed until May 5th

The HTC Magic, the long awaited second mobile device to run on the Android mobile OS, has been delayed until early May due to last minute changes. Originally supposed to be released on April 17th, the Vodafone-exclusive device should now be available for those with a pre-order by May 5th. In other news, now might be a good time to go and get a Magic pre-order!

The device comes with the usual spread of smartphone features – high-res touchscreen, internet, email, GPS, a variety of messaging options, camera, video and music playback and storage, the works. It has on-screen QWERTY keyboard instead of the slide-out version from HTCs previous Android device, the HTC Dream (or G1, if you like). And it has full access to the Android Market application marketplace.

What we think?

Man, a delay is the last thing we want with this phone. At least it’s only a few weeks. At this point, Android has a lot to prove. There’s a vast amount of interest in the OS, despite it’s only existing on one device. By the end of the year not only will we have the Dream, but Samsung has announced three Android devices, and Sony Ericsson and Motorola have announced plans to develop Android powered devices. T-Mobile even declared it’s intent to release two devices powered by Android that aren’t even smartphones.

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