Blackberry Storm Updates Already?

Wow, we’ve not even been able to get our hands on one yet. Wonder if the update is the reason?

Upcoming BlackBerry Storm Software Updates Should Improve Performance

BY: Ed Hardy, Editor
PUBLISHED: 12/1/2008

RIM and Verizon are reportedly getting ready to release a software update for the new BlackBerry Storm that will fix many of the issues that early adopters have reported.

In the last few days, reports of both Firmware and Firmware have emerged on the Web. However, the status of these updates is not clear. It’s not known when they will be released to the public, or how they will be distributed.

Those who have access to these updates say that they significantly improve the performance of the Storm. The lags many have reported — such as when switching the screen from portrait to landscape mode — are greatly reduced.

The battery life of this smartphone will also reportedly be improved.

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