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Blockchain Is Now Mainstream

Interesting updates in the Blockchain world. Is it more mainstream than many realise?      Source: ColdFusion YouTube Channel —...

Microsoft Project Moca Preview | First Look | (aka Outlook Spaces)

I cannot wait for this.  This time we’re going to have a first look at a personal productivity app called...

Microsoft presents: The future of work keynote

When, where, and how we work is fundamentally changing. Microsoft is in a unique position to understand the secular trends...

Top 10 tips for Teaching using Microsoft Teams

Ben Ryder Ben Ryder 11.2K subscribers     SUBSCRIBE I’ve been teaching using Microsoft Teams since the start of 2020....

5G Explained – How 5G Works

5G Explained - How 5G Works What is 5G? What will 5G enable? When will 5G be ready? What will be the first applications for 5G? What will 5G devices offer? When will 5G devices be available? How does 5G work? 5G working with 4G How does 5G deliver continuous connection, greater capacity, and faster [...]

5G phones and your health: What you need to know

  Activists fear radiation from 5G wireless service could be dangerous to public health. And they want more research done before carriers deploy the technology.  NurPhoto 5G promises lightning-fast speeds and the ability to power new technologies like self-driving cars and advanced augmented and virtual reality experiences. But an undercurrent to all of the things [...]

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