Cingular unbothered by Blackberry’s woes

By Lilla Zuill, Royal Gazette

Blackberry users in Bermuda can breathe a sigh of relief: Service for the popular handheld communication devices is unlikely to be suspended because of US legal actions against Research In Motion Limited, the device’s manufacturer.
“I am not concerned at all with any service implications,” said Cheryl Packwood, general manager of Digicel, the Bermuda company that sells the popular Blackberry device and provides service to an increasing number of jet-setting business executives, Government Ministers and generally tech-savvy individuals who want constant, and mobile, access to electronic communications.
RIM said, in a statement yesterday, that it had requested the review because of the “significant national and international” issues raised in the case. And the company said it has a “workaround” solution, if an injunction is imposed.
The “workaround” solution would also keep Bermuda users online, Mrs. Packwood said. “RIM does have a workaround solution for the patent if need be, which will maintain the operation of the Blackberry should the outcome” of the lawsuit go against RIM.Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM has been locked in dispute with closely held NTP Inc. over claims that RIM has used NTP patented technology without permission. NTP is seeking an injunction to halt Blackberry service to US users.
RIM lost one round in the legal battle yesterday, with the US Supreme Court turning down a request to review issues surrounding the international reach of US patent law. The injunction request won’t be ruled on until next month.

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