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Square Space- Design

Be A Square

If you are have been looking around for a slick and easy way to create a website, give Square Space a look, it is a complete cloud computing website service (no email hosting).

The difference between this and traditional web hosting/design services:

– You don’t have to design the website on your computer then upload it.

– You build the website online in real time.   You MUST have a fast connection (or you will be waiting for pages to refresh between changes, and waiting for your pictures and videos to be uploaded.  This where upload speed becomes as is important as download speed.)

– The website stays online and is backed up online.  It does not touch the local harddrive

– You don’t really need to understand HTML, CSS, PHP, etc to have a really good looking site.   Although, if you want to customize it, having those skills will set your site a part.

The site’s features include:

· Blog

· Photo Gallery

· Form Builder

· File Storage

· Forum

· Change Tracker

· Google Maps

· Amazon Items

· Free 14 day Trial

· Instant scalability

· Very sophisticated design palette

This type of service is perfect for:

– Small Businesses

– Students

– Professionals

– Large Business that don’t require enterprise integration

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