Customize Cell Phone Features to Suit Your Needs

Tuesday February 5, 2008 8:51 PM CST – By: Michael Kwan

Shopping for a mobile phone can be quite a fun experience, but it can also be a frustrating one. Sometimes you come across what appears to be the perfect phone, but the camera is not quite as good as you’d want it to be. On the flip side, you could be paying for features (like GPS) that you may never use. What’s the point of that?

zzzPhone is a new American company that provides customers with the opportunity to cherry-pick their cell phone features just as they do with a Dell computer. You don’t get to pick the form factor, as far as I can tell, because all units are based on the same smartphone platform, pictured here.

The company website points toward an operating system that is “Windows Mobile or equivalent”. That’s a little discerning, if you ask me, because you could be stuck with some crappy knockoff. I should also note that the manufacturing plant is in China, although they say they use “the same high quality components as major brands.”

Among the features you can tack on are GPS, a camera (up to 7MP) or two, processor upgrades, 4GB internal memory, stereo-quality speakers, pre-installed multimedia content, dual SIM card slots, MP3/MP4 player, WiFi, touchscreen, Bluetooth, and more. The core unit has tri-band GSM (850/1800/1900), but the rest is built-to-order.


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