iPhone spotted on the Rock- UNLOCKED and on a Bermuda Network

Well it may not be the first one on Bermuda, but it is the first one I have seen on a local carrier and unlocked. So far, the process was quite long and hard to get it working unlocked (i.e. not locked on ATT) but only the voice is working so far. We need to see if there is something special stopping the data (GPRS) working. The WiFi is working however and very well in fact, such that Safari works and every thing else that you would want to do over a data connection apart from YouTube for some unknown reason.

So far, Wi-Fi, phone, sync, calendar and contacts all work fine, and yes, the display is fantastic as expected. Music is great, iTunes of course syncs nicely, coverflow is gorgeous.

This one is on M3 Wireless and as you can see, the owner of this phone knows it’s me phoning him. SMS works fine, we sent a message from iPhone to a Digicel subscriber (me) and I was able to reply back. The SMS app behaves a little like iChat on the Mac.

Weather looks good and works well.

I have not had a chance to personally have a look at the data (GPRS) settings, but we’ll add to this post once I do and have a chance to see if I can see why the data won’t connect. It might be something really simple (wouldn’t that be nice!)

I expect as more programmers release software to unlock the iPhone, we will see loads more of these on the Island. What it will do for your warranty with Apple and the ability to take firmware updates in the future from Apple remains to be seen.

Update 19th September, 2007: We managed to get the iPhone working on Digicel as well but we were even able to get data working, so we are not quite sure why we can’t get it working on M3 Wireless’ data, but most likely it has something to do with the radio network or the authentication on the network. We’ll try to contact M3 and keep you abreast of the progress here.

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