M3 CEO Fray says Digicel’s offer is nothing new

M3 CEO Fray says Digicel‘s offer is nothing new


M3 Wireless chief executive officer Lloyd Fray says that Digicel’s offer of free incoming calls among its customers is nothing new.

Six years ago, M3 (then called Mobility Ltd.) was offering unlimited in-network calls on four of its five plans.

And Mr. Fray suggested that the claim, made in a press release last week, that “Digicel revolutionises the telecommunications industry” was “smoke and mirrors”.

“We were the first to offer cellular services in 1987, then we introduced the TDMA digital PCS service, in 1994,” Mr. Fray said. “We’ve introduced 3G (third-generation) and the iPhone. M3 has certainly revolutionised the telecommunications industry.”

Digicel held a press conference on the steps of City Hall last week to announce its Free Incoming Calls promotion, offering free incoming calls among Digicel Bermuda customers for up to three months.

M3 said its MY Unlimited Premium and MY 500 Premium services offered unlimited in-network outgoing and incoming calls, as well as unlimited local texts and 3G data service.

The company, which is part of the KeyTech Ltd. group, also offers unlimited incoming and outgoing in-network calls on its Family Share Plan, between a group of family members or friends.

Mr. Fray also disputed Digicel’s claims on its market share. In its press release last week, Digicel said “the majority of Bermuda’s residents” had selected Digicel as their preferred cellular service provider.

“Our research does not show that Digicel has more than half market share,” Mr. Fray said. “It shows that the three main cellular providers (including CellularOne) each have about a third of the market.

“Also the market is dynamic and with the rollout of the 3G network and the 3G iPhone, we are seeing a shift of customers to M3.”

M3’s chief operating officer Michael Beckles said that M3 offered a 3G roaming service in the UK and some parts of Europe and would extend it to the US after completion of the necessary testing.

M3’s 3G network signal had excellent penetration, Mr. Beckles said, adding that in pockets where the signal was weak, customers’ phones would automatically revert to a 2G service “without them even realising it”.

With regulatory changes in the pipeline that will allow telecoms companies to offer a wider suite of services, the competitors are pushing ahead with new technology that will accommodate more data.

CellularOne, which also sells the iPhone, has announced an upcoming, updated 3G service that will allow its customers to make video phone calls and enjoy faster Internet speeds.

To compare the offerings of Bermuda’s cellular providers, consult their websites:




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