M3 unleashes an innovative 3G Network with the revolutionary Apple iPhone 3G

Michael Beckles COO shown holding the iPhone 3G

Michael Beckles COO shown holding the iPhone 3G

Hamilton, Bermuda — (March 25, 2009)M3 Wireless is pleased to announce the introduction of new 3G network and the Apple iPhone 3G. Available now at the M3 Wireless retail store on Burnaby Street or in Ptech on Reid Street, M3’s 3G service delivers broadband-like data speeds over the mobile network locally and internationally where 3G service is available.

3G and 2G

The term 3G refers to 3rd Generation wireless technology. With a 3G network, users will experience much better data performance when browsing and downloading from the Internet, emailing or viewing video. 3G can be thought of as the equivalent to high speed DSL Internet access. For customers, this translates into lightning fast downloads and the ability to maintain a voice connection while simultaneously accessing the Internet or sending an email.

“M3 Wireless continues to be at the forefront of new technology,” said Michael Beckles, Chief Operations Officer for M3 Wireless. “Implementing this new 3G network shows our commitment to providing world class service to the people of Bermuda. We want Bermudians to be able to experience the same level of service that people around the world experience. To that end, we are also very excited to introduce the Apple iPhone 3G in Bermuda. The iPhone 3G is the perfect device to take advantage of our 3G network. This device provides an incredible multimedia experience when video-streaming, using the Internet browser and downloading music and applications.”

Existing M3 customers who do not have a 3G handset will continue to get the same great quality service they currently receive from M3. The existing 2nd generation network will continue to be maintained and upgraded so customers do not need to fear they will lose service if they do not wish to upgrade to 3G.

3G Devices

The Apple iPhone 3G from M3 Wireless is available in 8GB and 16GB models. In addition to being a revolutionary phone, iPhone 3G is a widescreen iPod and full HTML Internet browser. It also has GPS, WiFi and supports Microsoft Exchange.

In addition to the iPhone 3G, M3 Wireless offers a variety of 3G smartphones such as the BlackBerry® Bold™, Nokia E71 and HTC Touch Diamond. For customers who are content with their current GSM service, M3 Wireless continues to provide best of breed smartphones, music phones and standard cell phones.

Upgrading to 3G service

“We wanted to make the switch from 2G to 3G simple for our customers who have already purchased a 3G device from us,” stated Beckles. ”All they have to do is pick up a free 3G SIM card from M3’s retail store on Burnaby Street.” To facilitate this switch, M3 has set up a dedicated desk that will only handle SIM card swaps from March 25 through April 9. After this time, 3G SIM cards will be available at the regular service counters.

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