New phone from Digicel- Solar Powered

What a great idea….except, my office is a bunch of walls without any windows to speak of so no sun for me. Then again, I would have to stand outside in the sun all day for the amount of talking I do to charge the battery!

From Bermuda Sun:
Digicel has launched the Coral-200-Solar, the world’s first low-cost solar-powered mobile phone, the firm said in a statement.

The Coral-200-Solar, manufactured uses proprietary technology from Dutch-based firm Intivation.

Since early 2008, Digicel has been providing its customers with low-cost or free portable solar charges in many markets.

But the Coral-200-Solar has an integrated solar charger built into the phone, according to the statement.

“The population of many emerging markets in which Digicel provides cellular services will benefit greatly by access to a mobile handset that can be powered by the sun, or by electric power when it is available,” the statement added.

Sun-Powered: Digicel’s new Coral-200-Solar phone coming to the Bermuda market.

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