Official Dell Video: Android Cupcake on Mini 10v Netbook


There has been talk of a netbook powered by the Google Androidsmartphoneplatform, but nothing really from a major manufacturer just yet. Well, that changed a little today when the guys at Dell released a video of the Dell Mini 10v Netbook running the Cupcake update of Android. Yes, an Android-powered Dell netbook.

If it was just a video of an enthusiastic hacker doing the Android thing on his netbook, it would be a little interesting, but nothing that hasn’t been done already. What makes this video much more noteworthy is that it is an official video straight from Dell.

More specifically, we are given the brief tour by Dell Technology Strategist Doug Anson. In the video, he shows the Dell Mini 10v netbook running on a few lightweight operating systems. We already know about the Ubuntu-powered “Netbook Remix” model for the Linux fans in the audience, but here’s Android too.

Anson makes it a point to say that nothing has been officially announced by Dell regarding an Android-powered netbook from the computer-maker, but the fact that they’re showing a very public video with an Android netbook says something. Anson seems to like the “small and snappy little operating environment” offered by Android.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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