Tivo Update- March 11


All Quiet – March 11th, 2007

2:00pm: I gave TiVo all the contact information last week for Cablevision, WOW & Tribune Media Services, but haven’t heard back from Mike A. @ TiVo (Level 3 Tech Support). So, I’ve reached out to my contacts at Tribune Media Services to ask them to contact TiVo Corporate on my behalf. In addition, Alan Smith @ Cablevision and Stanley Wright @ WOW have not returned my calls from last week. If anyone knows them well, please ask them to call me back or email me.

Also I have received some more reports that TiVo has granted 3 month credits for Bermuda customers in lieu of the current situation. The TiVo customer support info is as follows:

Live agent support available: Monday – Sunday
7:00 AM – 8:00 PM Pacific
Phone number: 877-367-8486

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