UK government’s mobile content vision

I wonder if we share the same vision here….

Stuart O’Brien Jan 29 2009, 4:54pm

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Digital Britain report outlines “any content, over any network, on any handset, anywhere” plan.

The UK government says the plans it outlined today for a ‘Digital Britain’ extend beyond national borders when it comes to mobile content services.

In the first instance, the report says it’s vital for the UK to be at the leading edge of mobile broadband so that its citizens can enjoy cutting edge services on the move.

But somewhat ambitiously the government has also called on the UK to play a leading part in the creation of a “global network of networks”.
This, it says, will help achieve the long-term goal of “any content… over any network… on any handset… anywhere”.

The report concedes, however, that before this can happen spectrum for mobile broadband must be aligned across the EU and beyond, with a wide industry consensus on the technology road map.

The Digital Britain report was published January 29th 2009, outlining the future of broadband in the UK.

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