Virus being passed along through Skype

Skype VOIP

Skype VOIP

Please be informed that there is a new virus on the Internet using the Skype network; as a result the Skype Chat Service has been disabled in order to minimize any potential outbreak on the network.
How it works:
• The virus sends itself over the Skype application contacts as MS-DOS .pif extension file.
• In most cases these files are called hahaa-lesbians-cats.PIF. Some of the other variants are: YOUR-DAD-NAKED-hahahaha.PIF, YOUR-MOTHER-NAKED-hahahaha.PIF,, OMG-lesbian_dogs.PIF.
• Recipients will not know when and how the file was received.
• Even if you deny the reception, your computer is already at risk and may be infected.

How to check if you are infected?
• First of all, check your Skype history to see if any PIF file was sent or received.
• Do not reboot your computer because the virus creates Windows “prefetch” files that are loaded on Windows startup.
• Check the Windows Tasks Manager(see details below) for Processes beginning with a number followed by a .exec and .pf extension
1. Type (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
2. Click on Task Manager
3. Click on the process tab
4. Click on “Image name” tab to sort the list
5. Look for executable processes beginning with a number (see examples below)
o 108.exec…
o 729.exe……
o Your-Mother-Is-Naked-ha ha ha ha.exe…
o Skype.exe
If these executable files are present, or you notice any strange events taking place on your computer, please contact the Helpdesk immediately.

There is more info here:

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