Yahoo! Go 3.0 for your mobile phone

Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta

Introducing:Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta

The best Internet experience on your phone. Period.

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You have to try this out. Works great on the Blackberry Curve I am using.

the answers you need, when you need them.

Yahoo! Go puts the world’s knowledge in your pocket. You get Yahoo! oneSearch™—the revolutionary way to get instant answers—plus leading-edge Local services that will keep you at your smartest when you’re mobile.

Your search for answers ends here.

Finally, mobile search that really works! Yahoo! oneSearch redefines search for the phone: it’s designed to give you instant answers—exactly what you need when you’re on the go. Yahoo! oneSearch understands the type of search you’re doing and optimizes the results accordingly—so you get the answers you need instantly right there on the page—all grouped by subject matter and relevance. There’s no sea of links to wade through like with a PC search and it’s easy to drill down further if you want more details.

Get info—from the back roads to your backyard.

Like a car navigation system, Yahoo! Go knows where you are and can help you easily locate what you’re looking for. Get detailed local listings (search for “coffee” to get a list of nearby shops, or “Mae’s Cup of Joe” if you have a specific one in mind) including address, phone number, reviews, and more. Need a map & turn-by-turn driving directions to where you’re headed? Yahoo! Go gives industry-leading results (including satellite maps) along with helpful extras like real-time traffic information.

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