BTC plans to double internet speeds at no extra cost

By Alex Wright

Bermuda’s internet users could be set to receive a doubled speed of internet access thanks to Bermuda Telephone Company (BTC).


In a submission to the Telecommunications Commission, BTC is proposing to upgrade its 2-meg speed to 4-meg, while 3-meg subscribers would get a 6-meg service, with both levels having 1 meg for upload.

The price would also stay the same, with unbundled DSL- data access remaining at $39, bundled DSL — unlimited voice and data at $89 and bundled DSL — unlimited voice and data with calling features $99 for current 2-meg access customers.

Those present 3-meg consumers would be offered unchanged prices of $109 for bundled DSL — unlimited voice and data and $119 for bundled DSL — unlimited voice and data with calling features.

But, the Computer Society of Bermuda argue that people signing up to this service will be unable to use them to their full effect, due to internet service providers (ISPs) not selling anything greater than 2-meg of speed.

A spokesperson for BTC, however, said that was not the case.

“That is not entirely true,” she said.

“Customers who have 4 megs or 6 megs can us the full pipe locally and customers of BTC can bypass ISPs and can use that full capacity if connecting from their line to the corporate network — if they are connecting their corporate LAN they do not need their ISP to do that.

“If they are using a local capacity, they will get the full benefit of that. We are also raising the speeds without changing the price.”

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